This, quite simply, is a blog all about the concerns with physical contact in primary schools. Although I am focusing fundamentally on UK schools, I still have a deep interest in the subject around the world.

I am a (male) trainee primary school teacher and have a particular interest in the restrictions and 'taboo' around the simple concept of the student teacher bond and the role of physical contact at school.

Ultimately, I hope to use the blog to provoke discussion and inform my self and anyone else interested, please don't hesitate to agree, disagree, argue, discuss or just have a read.


Thursday, 3 November 2011

Positive action?

Here's a great article from the Telegraph involving the current Education Secretary Michael Gove. I think Gove shows a brave attitude, taking steps towards re-affirming the importance of touch in education. Although this article is only regarding teaching music, I still think it sends an obvious and positive message.


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